To get started,  I will need a fully completed W-9.  Please complete this form and email it to me ASAP so I can pay you.

Click here:  W-9

In addition, I'll need your signature to apply to your final.  Please complete and return the form below via email here: (or snailmail if you don't have a scanner).  

Questions?  You can always reach me via e-mail or call me during business hours at my direct number, 315-601-9641.

Click here:  Reporter Signature Request Form

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Just a few notes and requests when working with me.

First of all, I cannot stress how very important it is to get your work in by the due date indicated in your job invitation.  The sooner you get the work to me, the sooner you get paid, the sooner I get it to the client = more work for you AND me.  Knowing this field is so competitive there are few things we can do to guarantee more work - turning it on time guarantees more work, trust me!  Please keep this in mind when accepting a job offer from Albany Court Reporting. 

Second, when submitting your final deposition transcript files, it would be super helpful if you named the job with the job number assigned.  IF your job number is 16-0101AB, please name your file the same thing.  IF you have more than one witness, name the file 16-0101AB-Wit1 or 16-0101AB-WitA.  Super helpful!

If you are submitting WCB jobs, please name them as follows:  16-0101AB@8AM, 16-0101AB@8.30AM (you are unable to use a colon so use a period instead).  Super helpful!

Last but not least, when marking exhibits, if you would mark them as close to the lower right-hand corner of the document as possible.  When these documents are photocopied and put into binders some markings are hidden because of the location of the exhibit sticker.  See the sample here.