Hi, and thanks for working for Albany Court Reporting!   Here's what to know when working with us:


  All jobs received by 5 p.m. on the 5th of the month are paid the 15th of the month;  jobs received by the 20th of the month are paid the last day of the month.  OF course, if any dates are on a weekend or holiday, the next business day applies, whether your deadline or payment!  So, to get you into our payroll system,  I will need a fully completed W-9 in order to issue payment.  Please complete this form and email it to me ASAP.   Payment can be sent via PopMoney or via a paper check.  Let me know your preference so I know how to send your payment!  

Click here:  W-9


In addition, I'll need your signature to apply to your final.  Please complete, scan & return the form below to:  roberta@albanycourtreporting.com   

Click here:  Reporter Signature Request Form

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  • DUE DATES:  Each job assignment has a due date.  This ensures the client gets their transcript on time.  It goes without saying we work in a time-sensitive field, so adhering to these due dates is imperative.   Please keep this in mind when accepting a job offer from Albany Court Reporting. 
  • NAMING FINAL JOB FILES:  Please follow this job naming format:  If your job was held March 3, 2018, name it 18-0303, followed by your initials in caps.   IF more than one witness being deposed, name the files as follows: 18-0303AB_Wit1.  Thank you!
  • MARKING EXHIBITS:  Please mark exhibits as close to the lower right-hand corner of the document as possible.  Of course, if counsel instructs you where to mark them, follow their request.  Sample here.
  • NETWORKING JOBS:  If assignment is a networking assignment,  be sure to say you are from that agency.  Please do not mention Albany Court Reporting as it only confuses attorneys! 
  • YOUR CONTACT INFO:  Please do not distribute your personal contact information, be it telephone number or email address.  If counsel needs to send you something via email, an exhibit or anything else, please use the following email address:  ineedareporter@gmail.com.  I will be sure to forward anything that comes in for you at that address. 
  • RATES:  Oftentimes counsel will ask about rates of services.  Always direct them to the office for that info.  When I go out on assignment and am asked this question,I always respond,  I know what rates they pay me but I have no idea what they charge clients.  If it is a networking job, give them the name of the agency and tell them to contact them directly.  =)